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Items can have special effects. This includes randomly when they drop or are found in a shop, but enchantments can also be applied at the enchanter NPC. Enchanting an item requires elven runes, which are acquired by disenchanting already-enchanted items. The enchantment applied will be random, unless applied using a component (many effects can only be acquired via random enchanting; except on keltonite armor which can only get effects that are available via component-enchanting). The number of enchantments you can get from this is more limited, but more reliable. You cannot enchant an item that is already of blue tier or higher (blue, purple, "unique"/legendary).

List of component-based enchantments:

Item Equipment Effects How to obtain Chance to drop
Archon Essence (20) Weapons 5 to 10 fire damage & 5 to 10 fire pierce Slay Archon enemies in Blackbarrow
Black Heart (1) Head +5% damage taken, +20% spell damage Break Oblivion Crystals
Hands +5% damage taken, +20% attack damage
Body +5% damage taken, +15% evasion
Feet +5% damage taken, +20% movespeed
Boar Tusk (10) Weapons 5 to 10 physical damage, 5 to 10 armor pierce Slay boars in Fallowfields
Body 25% reduced damage taken when low health
Bone Meal (20) Head Killing an enemy has a 25% chance to summon a crawler Slay undead in Fallowfields (especially the crypt)
Hands 2.5% Attack life leech
Chipped Amethyst (3) Amulet, Belt, Ring 5 to 10 lightning resist & 10% lightning resist Random drop from pots/urns, Shops
Chipped Aqumarine (3) Amulet, Belt, Ring 5 to 10 ice resist & 10% ice resist Random drop from pots/urns, Shops
Chipped Peridot (3) Amulet, Belt, Ring 5 to 10 poison resist & 10% poison resist Random drop from pots/urns, Shops
Chipped Topaz (3) Amulet, Belt, Ring 5 to 10 fire resist & 10% fire resist Random drop from pots/urns, Shops
Ectoplasm (3) Weapons 5 to 10 cold damage & 5 to 10 cold pierce ??? (ghosts found in crypts)
Hands 1% Attack mana leech
Iron Ore (10) Head, Body, Hands, Feet 5 to 10 armor & block 5 damage Shops, Random drop from crates/barrels
Hardened Nails (3) Head, Body, Hands, Feet Deal 10 damage to the attacker when hit Shops, Wood piles
Maggot Gland (20) Weapons 5 to 10 poison damage, 5 to 10 poison pierce Maggots in sewers (Fallowfields)
Head Acid Spit spell: Fire a 20 poison damage gob at target
Shambler Claw (10) Weapons 5 to 10 lightning damage & 5 to 10 lightning resist Tunnels/caves leading to Blackbarrow
Hands Attacks hits have a 10% chance deal 25 lightning to a nearby enemy
Spider Silk (20) Head Spew Web spell (targeted slowing effect) Slay spiders (e.g. certain Hammer Island caves)
Feet 5% to 7% movement speed & slow effects reduced by 25%
Thunderbird Feather (2) Head Call Lightning Spell: Summon lightning strikes forward dealing 100 lightning damage Shop in Sild
Talisman 8-10% Spell Critical Chance, 20-30% Spell Critical Damage
Troll Skin (10) Body 200% increased health regen on low health Slay trolls (caves in north FallowFields)
Head +50% damage with attacks when at low health
Belt, Cloak 1.5 to 2.0 Health regen
Wasp Stinger (20) Hands Attacking has a 20% chance to fire a stinger at a random enemy Slay wasps
Head Casting a spell fires a stinger at a random enemy
Wolf Liver (10) Hands 1% Attack stamina leech Slay wolves
Feet 0.25 movement speed at full health