Wishless resting place puzzle

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In the Wishless Resting Place, there is a room with a Gravestone Puzzle.

This cannot be read until you have the Elven Codex Item (picked up in Blackbarrow, when you have Luna's Lens)

The objective of this puzzle is to correctly position the 8 surrounding graves, either bow and arrow or sword.

There are various solutions to this puzzle and it will differ between playthroughs.

The solution can be found on a Grave that will spawn in a random Location on the Fallowfields map, 'Rosies Grave'

This will contain a description of how the graves should be positioned.

When all the graves are correctly aligned, interacting with the main grave in the center will reward the player with the heart key.

A map with some locations listed for the grave can be found on the FallowFields Map page