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Shops are generally the most plentiful source of powerful non-unique items in the game. They reset on a 24-hour cycle; this doesn't mean that they reset at exactly the same time every day, but rather after 24 hours with something that seems a bit more complex on the surface than it actually is once you understand it (if you just wait a full 24 hours via the inn every time then you won't have to think about it anyway). One way to explain it might be to describe it as follows:
-There's a spell called "Reset Shops"
-It has a 24 hour cooldown
-When you open a shop, you cast this spell if it isn't on cooldown

While there isn't literally a 'reset shops' spell, functionally it's similar.

There are many types of shops, with some being crafters that you may buy items from OR craft some of your own items with (such as the enchanter), some being strictly shops (like the general store on Hammer Island), and one or more crafting-only (like the potion lady on Hammer Island). They all buy/sell slightly different sets of items, as well. In Aventurine (the big main town in the center of Fallowfields, which is the mainland that you sail to from Hammer Island), for example, there are two shops at one of the top-left path against the cliff that sell mainhand and offhand equipment for your class (if you joined an active session you may need it to reset before it shows items from the correct class). The higher one being expert/master tier, and the lower one being apprentice/adept tier.

See the map of Fallowfields (where most of these shops can be found) here:
List from a steam guide by Jaspurr (+minor edits) here:

Name Location Cash on-hand Retail Rate (%) Pawn Rate (%) Notes
Barkeep Donnie Haart's Landing 4000 110 45 sells/buys almost anything
Farmer Davon Haart's Landing 2000 110 N/A sells vegetables, does not buy
Farmer Denise Switch Town 250 100 N/A sells vegetables, does not buy
Jase Switch Town 1400 100 N/A sells meals, does not buy
Aaron Switch Town 3000 120 60 sells and buys tools and apprentice/adept gear
Arena Scalem 5000 110 40 sells and buys almost anything
Isac Aventurine 5000 120 65 sells/buys leather gear (MAY REQUIRE THAT YOU GIVE MATERIALS TO ASSUR THE HUNTER FIRST)
Ector Aventurine 15000 100 60 sells/buys expert/master weapons
Lo Aventurine 6000 100 60 sells/buys apprentice/adept weapons
Seamstress Joy Aventurine 6000 104 65 sells/buys cloth gear
Proctor Quinn Aventurine 5000 100 90 sells meals, buys fish
Sean Bean Aventurine 6500 110 45 sells tools, keys, food; buys almost anything
Neal Aventurine 5000 100 75 sells wine, buys grapes
Gabriella Aventurine 5000 110 60 sells/buys gems, accessories
Robe Berg Aventurine 4000 100 60 sells/buys flowers, bottles, potions
Charlotte Aventurine 2500 120 N/A sells materials, does not buy
Barba's Aventurine 5000 110 65 sells/buys metal gear
Olena Resistance Hideout 3500 100 55 sells poison resistant gear, buys any gear
Rebecka Northern Fallowfields 1300 100 75 sells meals, buys ingredients
Terrance Ambrose Retreat 11000 110 75 sells/buys almost everything
Thomas Ambrose Retreat 600 100 100 sells/buys fish
Zydar Pirate Hideout 2000 100 N/A sells almost everything, does not buy
Stockard Thieves Tower 1800 50 N/A sells cash items, does not buy
Lannern Wishless Resting Place 5000 120 63 sells/buys gear, buys ingredients

Crafting "Shops":