Unique Items

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Boss Drops

Boss Id Name Tier Slot Image
Sinkage unique_sinkage_1 Commodore's Eyepatch Apprentice Accessory
Barrington unique_barrington_1 Barrington's Throwing Stars Adept Accessory
Dace unique_dace_1 Phantom Veil Expert Helm
Shock Widow unique_shock_widow_1 Queen's Legacy Expert Accessory
Malgar unique_malgar_1 Oracle's Wrath Expert Accessory
Judge unique_judge_1 Aegis of the Courts Master Chest
Blight unique_blight_1 Ring of Domination Master Accessory

Random Drops

All Classes


Id Name Tier Req Image
unique_head_apprentice_1 Hood for the Hopeless Apprentice None
unique_head_adept_1 Mind Wall Adept 30 Int
unique_head_adept_2 The Hard Noggin' Adept 30 Str
unique_head_expert_1 The Red Maw Expert None
unique_head_master_1 Wreath of Wonders Master None


Id Name Tier Req Image
unique_chest_apprentice_1 Robe of Withdrawal Apprentice None
unique_chest_apprentice_2 Soggy Coat Apprentice None
unique_chest_adept_1 Hold the Gate Adept 30 Str
unique_chest_adept_2 Cassock of Conviction Adept 30 Int
unique_chest_expert_1 Elemental Guard Expert 40 Str
unique_chest_expert_2 Flowing Form Expert 40 Dex
unique_chest_master_1 Bulwark of Titans Master 60 Str
unique_chest_master_2 Shirt of Coins Master None


Id Name Tier Req Image
unique_hands_apprentice_1 The Grim Gardener Apprentice None
unique_hands_adept_1 Rotten Caress Adept None
unique_hands_adept_2 Wraps of the Fanatic Adept None
unique_hands_expert_1 Gauntlets of Ogre Might Expert 30 Str
unique_hands_expert_2 Razorgrip Expert 30 Dex
unique_hands_master_1 Spell Fingers Master 50 Int


Id Name Tier Req Image
unique_feet_apprentice_1 Safe Footing Apprentice None
unique_feet_adept_1 Boots of Speed Adept 25 Dex
unique_feet_adept_2 Warpath Adept 25 Dex
unique_feet_expert_1 Static Stride Expert 40 Str / 40 Dex
unique_feet_expert_2 Shaftlocke Snow Shoes Expert 40 Int
unique_feet_expert_3 Sunwalker Sandals Expert None
unique_feet_master_1 Quakers Master 50 Str
unique_feet_master_2 Boots of Freedom Master 50 Dex


Id Name Tier Image
unique_accessory_apprentice_1 Hero's Journey Apprentice
unique_accessory_apprentice_2 Buzzing Jar of Bees Apprentice
unique_accessory_apprentice_3 Scroll of Lesser Magic Missile Apprentice
unique_accessory_apprentice_4 Shimmering Stone Apprentice
unique_accessory_apprentice_5 Everlasting Harvest Apprentice
unique_accessory_adept_1 Ring of Transmutation Adept
unique_accessory_adept_2 Sanctified Vial Adept
unique_accessory_adept_3 Scroll of Arcane Recovery Adept
unique_accessory_adept_4 Apothecary's Herbs Adept
unique_accessory_adept_5 Drums of War Adept
unique_accessory_adept_6 Blood Contract Adept
unique_accessory_expert_1 Midnight Mantle Expert
unique_accessory_expert_2 Bloodfeast Amulet Expert
unique_accessory_expert_3 Cauldron of Fire Expert
unique_accessory_master_1 Sands of Time Master
unique_accessory_master_2 Elemental Prism Master

Class Specific


Id Name Slot Tier Image
unique_paladin_mainhand_expert_1 Iron Will Torch Mainhand Expert
unique_paladin_mainhand_master_1 Earthsplitter Mainhand Master
unique_paladin_offhand_adept_1 The Portcullis Offhand Adept
unique_paladin_offhand_expert_1 Shield of Faith Offhand Expert


Id Name Slot Tier Image
unique_ranger_mainhand_adept_1 Nettle Mainhand Adept
unique_ranger_mainhand_expert_1 Howling Wolf Mainhand Expert
unique_ranger_offhand_expert_1 Soothing Melody Offhand Expert


Id Name Slot Tier Image
unique_rogue_mainhand_adept_1 Parrying Daggers Mainhand Adept
unique_rogue_mainhand_expert_1 Wraith Claws Mainhand Expert
unique_rogue_offhand_adept_1 Serpent's Fangs Offhand Adept
unique_rogue_offhand_master_1 The Flying Virtuosos Offhand Master


Id Name Slot Tier Image
unique_warlock_mainhand_expert_1 The Black Flame Mainhand Expert
unique_warlock_mainhand_master_1 Soul Taker Mainhand Master
unique_warlock_offhand_adept_1 Chained Suffering Offhand Adept


Id Name Slot Tier Image
unique_wizard_mainhand_apprentice_1 A Wizard's Right Hook Mainhand Apprentice
unique_wizard_mainhand_expert_1 Prismatic Brilliance Mainhand Expert
unique_wizard_offhand_adept_1 Rock Launcher Offhand Adept